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Smartphone apps from Privus Mobile tap into one of the nation’s most accurate phone number databases to tell you who’s calling or texting you and your family. Even better, the optional built-in Voice Cue function audibly announces the names of texters and callers, so you’ll always know who’s on the line, even when you’re too busy to check.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I transfer my subscription to my new phone or wireless device?

Yes, as long as you keep the same phone number by porting it to your new wireless provider or by transferring it to your new device. If your new device uses a different operating system, you’ll need to download a new version of Privus Mobile Caller ID software. If you have further questions on transferring the software, please contact us.

Does my subscription automatically renew?


I subscribed after my free trial. How do I enter the registration code?

  • For a RIM or Windows Mobile device, go to the Privus Mobile menu and select Registration. Enter the registration code you were given for your purchase. When you see the message “Thank you for registering,” you are all set.
  • For Symbian and Android, click on the Privus Mobile icon. From the Menu, go to Register.
  • Enter the registration number. Click Done or OK. When you see “Thank You for Registering,” you are good to go!

I entered my name incorrectly when I registered. Can I change that?

Yes, just re-register the software by clicking on Registration in the Privus menu and type your name correctly.

Error Messages

I received a message that said "Free trial over. Please subscribe at PrivusMobile.com." What does that mean?

Your trial has expired, and the server has not received confirmation of your purchase. Either purchase a subscription to Privus Mobile Caller ID or re-install the application to make certain that you entered your registration code correctly.

I receive “Name Unavailable” for every call. What’s wrong?

This is a server status problem. Please check with our customer service for assistance.

Uninstall the App/Cancelling a Subscription

How do I disable Privus Mobile Caller ID?

  • On an Android device, open your application drawer, select Settings, Application Manager, select Privus and choose uninstall.
  • On a RIM/Blackberry device, go to Privus Mobile > Options and uncheck Enable Privus Mobile. Be sure to save the change.
  • On a Windows Mobile device, go to Privus Mobile > Menu and choose Exit. Or uninstall the program in Remove Programs.
  • On a Symbian device, go to Privus Mobile and choose Exit.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel a subscription, please sign in to your account on the site where you purchased your subscription. The subscription will remain active until the end of the current subscription period, but will not be renewed for the next subscription period once you have cancelled. Contact customer service if you have a problem.